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High Mountain Organic Olive Oil

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Bringing you a trusted bottle of our Co-Op grown EVOO in a process typically seen only from wineries, we control the growing, harvest, cold pressing and bottling – achieving a craft quality you can taste. Everyday Organic Quality - Best For Cooking & Daily Use Robust Flavor - Fresh Earthy, Nutty Profile With A Slightly Peppery Finish With A Slight Peppery Finish – Grassy Aroma & Intense Green Color Smoke Point - 410 Degrees, Versatile For High Heat Cooking Medal Winner NYIOOC – Largest & Most Prestigious International Olive Oil Quality Competition Winner Exceptional Nutrition: High Amino Acid, Hydroxtyrosol & Polyphenol Content (Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids combined with Oleic acids make up 73% of the total oil) 100% Extra Virgin Guarantee – Hand Picked From Tree Branch To Pressing At The Local Mill Within Twelve Hours New Decorated Glass Vessel - Custom 100% UV & Polyphenol Protection To Prevent Quality Degradation With A Patented Italian No-Drip Pour Spout