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Comfort and Joy: Vegetarian

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From the IACP award–winning author of Jikoni, a cookbook celebrating indulgence in vegetarian and vegan home cooking.

It’s well-proven that a diet centering fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, and nuts is healthier for us and our planet, but talks of decreasing global meat and dairy intake have for too long been tied to narratives of culinary sacrifice. Ravinder Bhogal, award-winning chef and self-described “half-woman, half-hummus,” knows better—and inComfort and Joy, she radically reclaims vegan and vegetarian cooking in all its abundance. With decadent, craveable recipes that bring together crisp okra fries with curry leaf mayonnaise, earthy roasted beet salad with blood orange and creamy burrata, whipped feta with tomatoes confit, and so much more, deep frying will prove to be vegetable baptism—and produce literacy prove to be the key to a new culinary life where wellness and indulgence are not nemeses.

Bringing Ravinder Bhogal’s creative ingenuity to approachable veg-centric recipes for home cooks, each recipe in Comfort and Joy brings equilibrium and exuberance to the plate and the palate, guaranteeing that “the vegetarian option” will never again be relegated to second choice.